Monday, July 4, 2016

June Player of the Month: Josie Bartels

Josie Bartels, a 6th grader at BCA Christian Academy has been nominated by BFA pitching coach Cheyanne Bowman as the Buck Fastpitch Academy June Player of the Month! 

"In my eyes, Josie is one of the best students I have had this month. She came to Buck Fastpitch Academy with little softball experience, but was eager and excited to learn! In less than two months, her consistency in the strike zone has improved tremendously, as well as her ability to locate pitches. It has been great to see her confidence and mental toughness on the mound, as she goes out and battles every outing. She is working hard to become a better player and the improvements speak for themselves! Great work Josie and keep it up!" ~Cheyanne Bowman 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Buck Fastpitch Academy Two-Day Clinic May 30-31st!

Dear Central Illinois Softball Parents,

We are excited to announce the Buck Fastpitch Academy is partnering with Riverton schools to host its first annual two-day summer clinic on May 30-31st for ages 8-18U. We are bringing our incredible lineup of coaches to mentor and instruct girls of all ages on how to play this game with aggression and confidence.

The clinic will be broken up into two sessions, the first for ages 8-12U and the second targeted toward 14-18U. Monday’s sessions will be focused on basic and advanced skill training in fielding, hitting, base running and mental/leadership training. Tuesday’s sessions will focus on a recap of the skills learned and then the girls will be split up into teams for a scrimmage ran by BFA coaches where they will learn how to apply their skills.

Lastly, we will have an awards ceremony at the end of the clinic where will award players based on their performance, coachability, leadership and hustle. BFA t-shirts and pullovers will be awarded to outstanding players.

We would love to have your daughter attend our camp and look forward to helping her progress her game to the next level. Please call or text me at (314) 225-6826 to register your daughter or if you have any questions! You can also e-mail us at


Tina Buck

BFA Owner/ Pitching Instructor

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Player of the Month: Emma Brown

A 7th grader at Pleasant Plains Middle School, and a member of the 12U Capital City Chaos Elite, Emma Brown is a student of Buck Fastpitch Academy hitting instructor Sarah Gray and is the May BFA Player of the Month! 
With a batting average of .618 this spring, Emma is proof that hard work and confidence at the plate pays off!
“Emma has impressed me from the very first lesson, and we have continued to find tune her swing! It makes you so proud as a coach to see how excited she gets when her hard work and determination at lessons pay off in successful game at bats! I can’t wait to see her continue to grow as a softball player!”
~Sarah Gray (BFA Hitting Coach)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Buck Fastpitch Academy Player of the Month: Lacey Boltz

A 6th grader at Pleasant Plains Middle School, and a member of the 12U Springfield Stars, Lacey Boltz is a student of Buck Fastpitch Academy instructor Samantha Riss. 

Lacey brings a very hardworking and dedicated attitude to each lesson.
She is a shortstop and a third baseman for her competitive softball team and she is sure to give 100% on and off the field. She also plays soccer, basketball, and competes in track and field to keep her busy. 

“Lacey was one of my first students through the Buck Fastpitch Academy and I am so proud of how much she has grown since I have met her. She always comes to each lesson with a positive attitude and wants to work hard. She is her toughest critic but knows that she wants to be the best she can. Lacey takes instruction very well and has an open mind when it comes to trying new drills. It has been a pleasure working with Lacey and I look forward to seeing how far she goes in the future.” 

~Samantha Riss (BFA Hitting Instructor)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Buck/Beck Hitting Clinic on April 30th!

We are bringing Central Illinois a dynamic, high intensity hitting clinic on Saturday, April 30th from 11:00am -1:00pm. We are only accepting 15 students, so the slots will fill up fast! Sign your daughter up today by texting (217) 503-5630!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Buck Fastpitch Academy Player of the Month: Kalli Avera

A 7th grader at North Mac Middle School, and member of the 16U Chatham Heat Thunder, Kalli Avera is a student of Buck Fastpitch Academy instructors Mallory Beck, Tina Buck and Mike Harth. After battling an injury last fall, Kalli came back to the game with vigor and passion for improving all areas of her game, from hitting to pitching to strength, speed and agility. Week in and week out, Kalli brings 100% effort to her lessons and demonstrates her continued commitment to be the best softball player she can be. 

In addition to pitching, Kalli also plays outfield, 3rd, 2nd and shortstop. She also runs track in the spring to prepare for her softball summer season. She is truly a team player on and off the field and is an A student in the classroom. 

“I have worked with Kalli for over a year and have never met a kid more coachable and committed to the game. As I always say, ‘hard work will always trump talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.’ She will beat people because of her desire to win and to constantly improve her game. It is a joy to work with her every week.” ~Tina Buck (BFA Owner/Pitching Instructor)

"Kalli is such a pleasure working with. Her positive attitude and tremendous work ethic sets her apart and will help her achieve whatever she sets her mind to. From day one, Kalli has been extremely coachable, and the extra work that she puts in during our time apart is extremely noticeable during our half hour together. I feel that she definitely deserves Player of the Month."  ~Mallory Beck (BFA Hitting Instructor) 

“I have seen Kalli grow as an athlete these past few weeks, as she continues to get stronger, faster and more agile. I look forward to seeing her put her new skills and strength to the test on the field this year.” ~Mike Harth (BFA Speed/Strength Training Coach)