Meet the Leading Ladies of Buck Fastpitch Academy

Not only do these five ladies have mad skills on the softball diamond and great coaching techniques and drills, but they have all experienced great success in their professional lives as well. Using the lessons they learned from playing this great game, such as discipline, leadership, hard work and determination, they have all been able to pursue advanced degrees and are excelling in their day jobs. Here is a snapshot of the lives of our amazing coaches! 

Tina Buck-Harth 

Married: Michael Harth December 31, 2016. 
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri 
High School: Cor Jesu Academy - Class of 2009
Birthday: August 4, 1990 - 27 years old 
College: University of Illinois at Springfield - BA Class of 2013, MPA Class of 2018
Undergraduate BA Degrees: Communication / Political Science (Minor)
Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Public Administration (MPA) / Certificate in Nonprofit Management - 2018 
Current Job(s): Owner of the Buck Fastpitch Academy/ UIS Pre-Law Advisor Assistant 
Volunteer Work: Instructor & Coordinator for the Baseball and Softball Education (BASE) Foundation for Central Illinois 
Previous Job: Communication Strategist for the Illinois Senate Republican Staff  
Favorite Quote: "Hard work will always trump talent when talent doesn't work hard." ~Dan Buck

Mallory Beck 

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois 
High School: Sacred Heart Griffin (SHG) High School - Class of 2010 
Birthday: September 27, 1991  - 26 years old 
College(s): University of Illinois at Springfield - Class of 2014 / St. John's College of Nursing - Class of 2017 
Undergraduate BA Degree(s): Biology / Chemistry (Minor)
Graduate Degree: BSN in Nursing 
Current Job(s): Pre-Anesthesia Nurse at St. John's Hospital / BFA Hitting Instructor 
Volunteer Work: St. John's Nursing 2017 Class President (encompasses ongoing service and fundraising responsibilities) 
Previous Job: Events Coordinator for UIS Athletics 
Favorite quote: "Never let anyone tell you that you can't succeed, failure is never an option-work ethic is."

Cheyanne Bowman 

Hometown: Payson, Illinois 
High School: Peyson-Seymour High School - Class of 2012 
Birthday: April 26, 1993  - 23 years old 
College(s): University of Illinois at Springfield - Class of 2016 / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Class of 2018
Undergraduate BA Degree: Business 
Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Recreation, Sport & Tourism 
Volunteer Work: 
Current Job(s): Administrative Assistant to UIS Athletic Director / BFA Pitching Instructor 

Sarah Gray 

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois 
High School: Decatur- Eisenhower High School - Class of 2009
Birthday: June 17, 1991 - 26 years old 
College(s): Parkland College - Class of 2011/ University of Illinois at Springfield - BA Class of 2013 - MPA Class of 2016
Undergraduate Degree(s): Associate in Sciences / BA in Liberal Studies 
Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Public Administration 
Current Job(s): Background investigator with CACI Federal Inc. / BFA Hitting/Fielding Instructor 
Previous Jobs: Facility Manager at UIS TRAC / Decatur Lake Patrol Officer 
Favorite quote: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." ~ Babe Ruth 

Samantha Riss 

Hometown: Streator, Illinois 
High School: Streator Township High School - Class of 2010 
Birthday: January 24, 1992 - 25 years old 
College(s): Illinois Valley Community College - Class of 2012 - University of Illinois at Springfield - BA Class of 2014 
Undergraduate Degree(s): Associate in Arts / BA in Psychology / BA in Early Childhood Education (In Progress)  
Current Job(s): Child Development Associate at UIS Cox Children's Center/ BFA Hitting/Catching Instructor 
Favorite quote:  


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